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Victory of Samothrace Sculpture

Victory of Samothrace Sculpture

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19 Inches High x 11.25 Inches Wide x 13.5 Inches Deep and 11.25 Inch Wingspan

This sculpture, found on Samothrace in 1863, represents Victory (Nike in Greek) and likely commemorates a Rhodian naval triumph. Originally located in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, it was placed in a niche on a hillside, with a marble ship's prow as its base, possibly set in a reflecting pool. The design suggests it was meant to be viewed from the front left, with more detailed work on that side. The dynamic pose and the drapery's movement evoke the sensation of wind and forward motion on a ship.

Artist: Unknown

Museum: Louvre Museum, Paris

Origin: Samothrace, Greece

Time Period: Ancient Greek - Hellenistic, c. 190 B.C.E.


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