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Augustus Caesar Bust Sculpture

Augustus Caesar Bust Sculpture

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16.5 Inches High x 9.5 Inches Wide x 10.5 Inches Deep

This is a bust of Augustus Caesar from Item #400, idealizing his features as he preferred. Augustus, ruling from 27 B.C.E. to 14 C.E., always wanted his portraits to show him as young and handsome. This trend persisted posthumously. The bust reflects the Greek classic style with simplified features and a straight forehead-to-nose line. Originally marble, likely a copy of a bronze statue, it had traces of paint. Found in 1863 in Prima Porta, the statue resembles Greek sculptures like the Doryphoros, sharing classical features and stance.

Artist: Unknown

Museum: Vatican Museums, Vatican City

Origin: Villa of Livia at Prima Porta

Time Period: Ancient Roman- Early 1st century C.E.

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